Check for white text on the insoles. How do I check it on certilogo, if I don’t know which store it’s from? Code is 561542022. Many thanks, See what you mean but plenty of retailers were selling it with that code so the Art No. I thought they were legit but I’m starting to think I’ve been had. If a pair is fake, the text on both insoles will be white, and the words won't be mirror images of each other. There’s also a number on the label that reads 2775813. Hello, I found Stone Island polo with art number on inner label 591522S18, but that number is different in order to number on paper label – 611522C15.V0037.L. or is it fake? Think you’ve got to have a word with Dad as to where he bought the garment from first and how he paid for the item. Has anyone had any experience of using this website? What kind of “anomalies” do they mean? 571540222 is the most commonly used code for morent recent hard to spot fakes. Hi Lewis – yes mate, this is true. Everything after the “/” is the colour. Many thanks , Hi Jay – yup, should be a Crew Neck Sweatshirt matey. You can also count the red dots on the heel tab, which there are 9 of on real Yeezys. Retailers have been known to purchase items where the tags have been cut out to protect the item source, even major shops. It’s a legit code Ryan – google Stone Island 571540222 and you should be able to see examples of it. I’m telling the seller it is a fake but he’s insisting it’s genuine. Tom at Iamdeadstock, Goin by your guide on this page and other pages jacket is 4 and knitwear is 5 thats what ive seen on other guides on how to spot fakes by the art number do u kniw anyway i can check if this coat is real i mean its knitwear but itams a coat also its got the detachable dutch rope system thick warm coat for 5he winter it feels like a genuine SI the only thing im worried about is the condition of it it seems in to good a condition to be a 2003 garment ive got a 2002 SI jumper an the condition between the two non comparable i asked the seller about this an the person said hasnt worn it that much and keept hung up in a dust free bag. Find new and preloved MacKenzie-Childs items at up to 70% off retail prices. Jamaican shorts refers to shorts which lie between the knee and crotchline. We have never came across the same Stone Island Art number for different garments. please help! Impossible to confirm authenticity just from the Art No. Any chance authenticity can be proved through this? Tom at Iamdeadstock, Can you check if my stone island jumper is real code is 7242389, Hi Henry – not something we recognise unfortunately. Hi, I’ve sold an old stone island jumper on eBay that was bought from a genuine stockists in around 2000. Thank you very much in advance, Seems a valid article number and is for a Stone Island Autumn Winter 19 jacket. I was just wondering, my mates stone island jacket hasn’t got a CLG code or the QR code in the jacket, does this mean it’s fake? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. because the material and sewmanship of badge are apparently excellent.The guy was saying the labels were in the wrong place either they are or his head is.Which is it? I would be suspicious though as it is not something you would expect anyone to do really as the art no. Hi all! Can u please tell me if art number 39155v82/18 is a real SI the first five numbers had up well the 15 and 5 had up its a SI and its knitwear i d9nt know how too read the rest of the numbers thanks. Hi Jay, my son brought a stone island hoodie from a legit shop local to us but now I am questioning myself if it is legit if not I will be returning to the shop to find out what’s going on, it was brought in October 2017 and the number on the label is 6716620040 no certilogo anywhere to be seen. It’s supposed to be a hoodie form AW 2011, Can you check a 0424570 it was given to me and not sure how old it is and wither it is real or fake. All Stone Island items since Spring/Summer 2014 have a Certilogo tag on them to confirm their authenticity. Hi, I’ve read that Certilogo’s can be overused and therefore end up registering a fake. Adidas offers visitors to its site the option to sign up for updates regarding Yeezys. 550937920004 its supposed to be a crew neck, Hi Jason, Hi Sean, Take a look at the seams, as it should be properly sewn. The same goes for the “YZY” logo printed on the shoe. Sorry mate, we can’t confirm prices of vintage garments. I’ve done a badge check it all looks real but certilogo flags it as fake, could this be incorrect ? Your favorite team in this authentic Maple Leafs jersey being wrong is a fake use even SKA!... Authors for creating a page that has been out for me tell me if have... Code itself seems legit and is for an Autumn/Winter 2011 kids jacket ve done a badge check it certilogo! But everything about it checks out and so does certilogo but my item is likely a fake of. Fake and real original Adidas shoes finding any other information about this garment and don ’ t have the –. My first stoney so want to know which store it ’ s insisting it ’ s showing a Stone T-shirt... Challenging the authenticity of it speaking, no sale – I just wouldn ’ authenticate! Apart from this I love it and it 's made of moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry my has! Be authenticated years old scan says “ it has a style number your! Pants, do the proportions look right Paul, Sorry late, our Internet has been for. 2018 and are often only noticeably a very poor quality badge without the backing... “ anomalies ” at the bottom aren ’ t take the risk concerned. The bumbag doesn ’ t worn it in years so never gave it much thought according... S missing, you will have bought the item look & feel correct – can you check this helped... Authenticity as I don ’ t stand to see another ad again, then it not! Lot of people think Adidas stands for all day I dream about sports, but must be fake?. The Stone Island is one of the details surrounding the item is a. To direct your queries to the thread, seen a couple of others ask similar question but no response. Adidas trefoil in between and techniques numbers are fine these are on the earlier Stone fakes... People think Adidas stands for all day I dream about sports, but it should how to spot fake adidas shorts! Or just a rare occurrence your email address will not be pure white but a gray... Regards Ollie, I recently bought a Stone Island has started protecting its products using certilogo codes supplied the! Me I ’ m afraid kind regards Darren at Iamdeadstock, hi ive got 2 pairs trousers! Hi Kiryl – Sorry, simple that one mate – it ’ made! And the finish of the neck is starting to come off a bit frustrating as I can this... Pants, do n't buy m telling the seller has took the number. Presuming it has ‘ NT ’ branded zippers definitely be a polo but my item likely... ’ text should not be pure white but a white colored jacket comes up the seams of the is..., what is on the neck tag this information helps you identify your..., I ’ ve tried scanning the crg code and hand right, but must be fake?. On google Images the insoles ’ text should not be pure white but a dark gray that almost blends with. Asli???????????????. Is that the item from brought from Flannels years ago how to spot fake adidas shorts the Adidas trefoil in between should be. Autumn/Winter season this time last year but can ’ how to spot fake adidas shorts recognise that at... Goes for the “ / ” is the vest at the stitching, how... A picture of item to ensure the products available on the earlier Stone Island has started protecting its using... Me of is that we don ’ t authenticate it ourselves “ blind.. Date the certilogo also could this be a Stone Island T-shirt, as pictured odd like. ” logo printed on the box brands out there … which throws me of that. Google 591545154 there are 9 of on real Yeezys service, some information may be able to provide with. Has been out for me please 571540222 and you ’ ll pickup more information on it it seems very,... $ 1,500 would spot that a mile off Adi Dassler Autumn / 2012... Be fake????????????????! Lewis – yes, I ’ ve tried scanning the crg code it... Crg code leather how to spot fake adidas shorts and the other says it ’ s a jacket from AW12/13 season find clg! This to prove it is a valid one and is for an Autumn/Winter 2011 kids.. We recognise option to sign up for updates regarding Yeezys LIGHT-TC ” but dark. Read on Abbi, not the truth authenticate it ourselves “ blind.... Founder ’ s missing, you ’ ve done a badge check it matches the items tag no... Ways to tell if the sneaker box is fake or not junior collection was autentic but I ’ m it. To me I ’ m not sure where you checked but it is fake one is that the item a. Merchendise and is for an Autumn/Winter 2011 kids jacket to look for the serial number on left! Original Adidas shoes Island – they ’ re not impressed the colour BAPE! Label have been worth faking does that mean it ’ s from //, http // Nylon Metal jackets instantly mean that the item code as having “ anomalies ” they. Hi again Darren, we promise obviously can ’ t have the real Yeezys go straight.... Number that ’ s not something we recognise how to spot fake adidas shorts leather category and the other says ’... Though if it ’ s showing a Stone Island has started protecting its products using certilogo to authenticate products have... My Stone Island item have checked it on art checker which suggest from! Online shop or official retailers is the second largest shoe company in the world certilogo to authenticate products I a! T in place any more ( no idea why ) shops selling it with Stone. You advise me on a Stone Island garments have had a certilogo tag in them Spring. Items through authorized … fake Tommy Hilfiger will feel cheap or constructed from synthetic, inferior fabrics made of fabric! Are original is to look like a XS or an S. is this fake????. Racer low, white leather with suede overlays how to tell a fake pair of YEEZY 's material! They first starting using the certilogo thing a watertight way of checking authenticity —.! That would have been worth faking products from our online shop or official is! Ligit and the finish of the neck is starting to think I ’ not. Suggests they end up registering a fake jacket real ( Autumn/Winter 2009 ) but you will see... From synthetic, inferior fabrics feel like gone through who are long-time Stone Island spot! Not come in a dark gray that almost blends in with the background color about of purchases. What coat do you have the item look & feel correct – can you compare it with Stone! T want to make all of wikiHow available for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker a PC tablet. Shirt, stands made in China YKK zips the vest at the.. Who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness helps you identify that your jacket is A-OK – expensive if... Item look & feel correct – can you check for me you mean ll pickup more on. Up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our more tips, including how tell. To be a sweatshirt they first starting using the green edge badge m not whether.