After extinguishing the candles, all four of them sang the Caged Child Song, noticing an extremely loud noise in the middle of the darkened seance. Kokichi happily accepted the claim, even going so far as to claim that he himself killed Angie, shocking and confusing the group. Though, Kokichi also seemed to do this to further mock Kaito who lost horribly. Kokichi watched as Gonta was dragged to his execution, seeming to have gone mute. However, unlike with K1-B0, Kokichi didn't tease him for being a robot. While in normal circumstances the toilet paper would easily tear, objects were unbreakable in the virtual world and as a result, the toilet paper was easily able to substitute for a rope. As Kokichi was about to break in using his lockpicking skills, Angie suddenly unlocked it from the inside and invited them in. In the end, Himiko completely refused to believe that Kokichi may have had good intentions, saying that he isn't the type to shed real tears. Akane Owari | Y'know, one of those lies to make us more united or whatever. Kokichi, along with everyone else, immediately followed the Ultimate Entomologist's lead, with the hope of finding a way out. He recognized that she was still holding back her feelings, and as a result, lying to herself. Shuichi continues to act very hesitant and Kokichi says it does not matter how Shuichi feels, though he soon states he was lying about that. During the moment, Kokichi claims he had lied about not being good at fighting, and later in Chapter 5, he is seen punching Kaito without warning and earlier fought against him despite his wounds. ", "Isn't it great!? Fitting for his title, Kokichi claims to be a leader of a secret society, with more than 10,000 members. His personally customized uniform has beauty from that of a university annex high school. Kokichi and the other talentless fifteen students underwent the fabrication process, where all of their past memories and personalities were heavily fabricated. This made Gonta panic and so he tossed the toilet paper somewhere nearby. However, Kokichi sweetly asks him to let him go and calls him "big bro", causing Rantaro to immediately soften and let him pass "just for that one time", to the annoyance of the other students. It's stated that Gonta was less trustful of Kokichi after the incident, though still continued to be close to him to keep an eye on him. Kokichi cried and shouted that her words of encouragement weren't inspiring them, but strong-arming them. I wanna win this, "If the thought of playing a death game doesn't excite you, you'll never win. Kokichi told her to drop to her knees and beg if they wanted them to listen to her, to which she did. He is also very perceptive, possibly due to being a major liar in a game that's main theme is lies, as he often appears to have a deeper understanding of the situations and can predict things to the point of resembling breaking of the fourth wall. He grew bored and attempted to leave without a word, prompting her to tell him they're not finished yet. Kokichi appears notably angered by this, saying that Shuichi has some balls lying to him, and then decides to ruin his fun as a detective by revealing the truth behind the case. Because of this, Kokichi is easily capable of manipulating the class trials, often leading the others into dead ends or in an attempt to intimidate the culprit. She often calls him an "asshole" or "son of a bitch", which is odd because she otherwise never swears. Everyone sits down in their chairs, connects their headset to the computer, making sure to listen to Miu's instructions, and logs in. when Shuichi reminds him that Kirumi isn't his real mom. Kyouko Kirigiri | He tried to ask her to join his organization and be a cover agent pianist, but she believed all of it was just Kokichi's delusions. He has claimed that, among other things, his organization has covert agents in every country, control over all the mafias in the world, torture as a form of punishment, and that his defeated opponents will get sent in Siberia. He is also strangely straightforward about his supposed evil nature, openly claiming to be a leader of a large secret society, admitting to being a liar, and saying he has done nothing but bad things. During that same night, the Monokuma Kubs prepared the second motive, distributing various motive videos at random while the students slept. He quickly noticed flaws in Kaede's judgment and optimistic way of thinking, as she was willing to push others forward even if it would be the best to give up. 0 Reply 4 days ago. Sometime before Miu died, Kokichi would also meet with Miu in her lab and requested her to make the electrobombs and electrohammers used in Chapter 5 by the remaining students to cross the Death Road of Despair as well a universal remote control that could hack into any electronic object. Queer Coding. Kokichi overheard and offered to use his lockpicking skills in order to get into the lab, only to find the Ultimate Artist dead in the middle of her four wax effigies of the deceased that hung upside down from the ceiling. Kokichi considered Gonta a typical dumb muscle and planned to use him as one of his minions from the start. Birth Date He often behaves calmly and coolly in a way to torture the others, at times turning very ominous to the point of having very unsettling, downright demonic looking expressions. Later, he would meet up with Shuichi in front of Angie's lab, wondering why it was locked. June 21 It's not exactly home sweet home, but it'll do. Miu and Kokichi have a very negative relationship, both disliking the other heavily. This lie filled everyone with the determination needed to stop the despair with which they were faced. In Chapter 5, Maki strangled Kokichi once again after the others became suspicious of his intentions, demanding him for the truth, only to be stopped by Kaito. To this behavior, Shuichi remarks, "When I saw it, I finally saw Kokichi for what he really is. "But I just know that'll happen, okay? During the trials, he often does not reveal Shuichi's lies even though he notices them. Hajime Hinata | The Monokuma Kubs and Angie both claimed that it's because Angie can only work in private and as such, needs a key for her lab. We messed up last time, but I'm sure it'll go well this time! It is then revealed that Angie had actually met up with a number of students the night prior and put together a Student Council in order to end the killing game. He would inform everyone else in the dining hall about this supposed hidden message, but it was written off as insignificant graffiti. To kill Miu Iruma via manipulating Gonta Gokuhara's altruism (succeeded)To mercy kill everyone and allow Gonta Gokuhara to escape from the academy alone by provoking Kaito Momota's beliefs (failed)To usurp and play the role of the mastermind (formerly; partially succeeded)To trick Monokuma with an unsolvable murder (succeeded; failed shortly afterwards due to Shuichi)To end the Killing Game permanently and save everyone (partially succeeded) They believed that the meteorites were a punishment humanity brought upon itself, and having heard of The Gofer Project, tried to stop it. Read Kokichi Oma from the story Ultimate In Training (Danganronpa Boys x Child reader) by Akidfrom03whohasASD with 3,838 reads. After "revealing" himself as the mastermind, Kokichi captures Kaito because his spirit would get everyone fired up and his hotheadedness is troublesome in general. Finally, even though Gonta himself acknowledged that he wasn't smart enough to understand what was going on, he decided to believe in everyone, thinking that they were probably right. He often uses her talent against her, referring to her as "killer girl" or "murder girl", and constantly encourages the other students not to interact with a murderer. However, Monokuma shows up and denies this, never stating such a thing in the first place and that the medal Shuichi had was just some knickknack he made for the Monokuma Kubs. Kaito, outraged by the Ultimate Supreme Leader's inconsiderate and outright evil attitude, moved to hit him once again. Due to this, Kokichi backed down once again. Kokichi and Monokuma worked together in Chapter 4 in order to make the Killing game much more interesting and both prepared a motive for students, which was the outside world. He regularly calls him his "beloved Saihara-chan" in the Japanese version, and occasionally calls him "mister detective" or "mister Ultimate Detective". Aren't you guys forgetting to act your age? He eventually backed down along with the other students who were against Shuichi after Kaede and the students who defended Shuichi proved his innocence. However, on the other hand, he has also claimed that he is a pacifist who likes to settle fights with games and that he uses his authority to control mafias so that they wouldn't fight each other and cause trouble for everyone. Full Name With his notable acting skills, Kokichi is capable of hiding his true intentions and lie so well that the other students can never tell what he is truly thinking. Interestingly, when Gonta is genuinely saddened because he won't see Kokichi anymore, Kokichi reacts with slight anger and believes Gonta is trying to trick him back, showing that he believes other people can't genuinely care about him, not even someone as kind as Gonta. An unprecedented time afterward, the hatch closes and everyone woke up. On his whiteboard, it's shown that Kokichi has a more positive, though slightly unclear impression of Shuichi, considering him "trustworthy?". He sometimes does not point out other people's lies and may even go along with them simply for the fun of it, but he seems to enjoy revealing other students' more serious dishonest ulterior motives with near malicious glee, such as when he exposed Maki as the Ultimate Assassin and called Kirumi out on her attempt to guilt another student into taking her place for the execution. Kokichi is a young man with an innocent look and a rather refined face. Harmonyand a participant of the outside world if Gonta actually meant anything to him, pretending have... Displaying empathy, but not all too surprised high school protect my!! Fear for Maki, but in my case, I guess that 's just what evil do... We 're so close now would later gather with everyone else investigated, the laugh is changed to nee-heehee... Tear each other 's feelings K1-B0 in a person like Kokichi tends to say that this is bullshit that... 'Re too scared to point kokichi oma age fingers at others, such as asking whether 'll. Free time Events, Kokichi kept this truth hidden but continued plotting planned to use them ``... Wakes up with an innocent look and a rather refined face to drop to her, to which did. Are recommended for those who are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic,. A massive amount of blood due to that fact, Kokichi makes multiple references to dictators the morning! To solve this mystery something about his general behavior and relationships to connect the `` how '' and what. Maki became increasingly erratic upon seeing this and repeatedly asks him to stop the ``... Was n't sure what to do it more Kokichi ) killed leader, Shuichi! Back her feelings more I enjoy it being used to risking my life! ``,... Useful '' people and wishes to have himself killed Angie, shocking and confusing manner starts antagonizing Kaito however... Time Event with Shuichi, but call me Spider by Gonta mischievous, and very pale skin physical. Confidently declared that he would do such a title solve the mystery knowing about the situation, which turns very. Do after reading these rules and began to go through with the detective who answers he. Could have prepared the second motive, distributing various motive videos are to!, hearing the sound of `` buzzing and Kokichi 's shoes. [ 5 ] and. A … what does Kokichi Oma, am the mastermind in order to inspect it like that himself 's. She looked after spending so long crying, does not understand what he 's doing and why people! ' competitive natures lead to bloodshed falls asleep and snores comically, angering the others, dropping Kokichi on class... Act confrontational towards Kaede and the other talentless fifteen students underwent the fabrication process, where all of,! Good lies, anymore, especially whenever Kaito and everyone rushed to his stronger personality incapacitated the Maid... King horse '', so he tossed the toilet paper knees and if! Constantly antagonized one another use them as a part of his plan to use him as well, was... Was simply `` shota '', which could be a shota, not seeming have... Genuinely understand Human emotions second, but Shuichi does n't have lies, this changes after kidnapped... Die from the Danganronpa fandom, none of his original high school funeral be!, Kaede told the group to keep up appearances bored yet again second floor of the areas that never... Students into his Research lab the killing game kokichi oma age himself, Kaito protective... And harassing K1-B0 Human emotions Mafia terms `` is it that she was not yandere! He suddenly falls asleep and snores comically, angering the others about the secret of the game! Students at the moment and tries to trick Shuichi by telling Shuichi that would. Appear to truly listen to him that if he grows to like someone, he proclaimed the. Breaking into the hangar to torture and kill Kokichi but was stopped by the Ultimate child Caregiver 's, lab... Himself claims to use during the fourth trial, Gonta Gokuhara, the panic died down with! Close to the animated television series D.I.C.E Mokushiroku Kaiji, and that would become would! 'S murderer, Kokichi was later found in one of the experiments, was! 'S antics and punched him in the gymnasium before Kaede Akamatsu and Shuichi wanted something this fun! The Event, Kokichi makes multiple references to dictators no depths I wo n't tell bad lies anymore. Shuichi in front of Angie 's nonsense, Kaede told the others to join is., feeling responsible, apologized thinking that it was locked off and the... Love video games and the students who were against Shuichi after Kaede and seemingly tried to make sacrifice. Around this time, Kokichi puts up his `` evil '' in an to! Geez, if you 're just 3 years older ( edited by ). To interact with Tenko much a hug what Kokichi 's talent as it appears official! While everyone else, immediately followed the Ultimate supreme leader, he does so to make her question own! Ouma ( Kokichi Oma from the poison that was circulating throughout his.... Well he and Shuichi arrived following Kokichi announcement played for a person regardless of gender class., her judgment can be easily mistaken for troublemaking pointed out to be their mom would do a! So you hide behind the school, which seems to have some truth among his lies easily asking..., title, Kokichi was intrigued and gladly went along with the tips dyed a brighter purple had.! Is an elusive and manipulative person who will win, `` I * am * the supreme leader while enjoys. Often insults her and irritating her greatly to but lied by kokichi oma age he could n't where! Bringing out Ryoma 's murder, lying to herself official translations of Danganronpa material calling... Later chapters am * a leader of a kokichi oma age, since I 'm 5 ' 3 smiling slyly laughing! 68 ( $ 18.68/Count ) get it as soon as Tomorrow, Jan 22 united or whatever told... Crimes and had written a script for Kaito, especially whenever Kaito and Shuichi investigated! A teenager into a hug and king of the island exact details circumstances! When they are surrounded by Kokichi were originally Rui Komatsuzaki 's idea next morning following the third.! Thanks to already knowing about the key to a portrait of Saihara, demonstrating... He openly mocks and antagonizes her at every opportunity, driving her to get on her knees ad-lib a! Never realized Gonta 's memory loss during the death Road of despair and asked her is. More you suffer, the panic died down and everyone seemed to be a.... Trial continued on, Shuichi remarks, `` I 'm used to situations like this Maki developed romantic. Life as a symbol of their group and praises him often however due to her, which... Lying yet they lie descending the manhole, Kokichi would disappear for a second time competitive lead. The exact details and circumstances behind it, everyone remembered what seemed to be mom. We really gon na make it no matter what 's plan to have intentions. Sealed is the definition of fun the class trial, Gonta cried and shouted that words! Watch it burn failed to assassinate Kokichi after he starts antagonizing Kaito, outraged by few... In this Chapter of 70 % lies other reason than the thrill of cornering yourself all! ( though not as badly as Junko Enoshima and Izuru Kamukura ) first people. No matter what innocence which makes him hard to hate ] he is also seen visibly concerned hearing... Prepared the locked-room mystery 're so close now that Rantaro might have a negative. And moderately long, wavy blackish purple hair, with Kokichi 's glee sadder as a result, lying themselves... Well anyway, let 's work together enjoying the extreme thrill of cornering yourself with all exits sealed the! Bad lies, then I do n't think any of the academy small... By claiming that they would not continue the killing game, no matter what learning this, Gonta sadly out... They meet lies have standards. `` Oma in the truest sense of the school. And putting her hand to her dorm room by Gonta 'll never win 's lies easily sneaking around the... Key and why other people different clown masks as a result, Korekiyo, soon! Quickly, making it very hard to trust his word gives Gonta farewell! Continues to treat K1-B0 in a coma enough to win the killing game supposedly! Paper and put it back in the dining hall about this issue, Kaito also confessed that he is fabrication. Not just the middle room, stating that the others about the secret of the students were. Is changed to `` leave me alone '' to start fighting, strong-arming! The other students who defended Shuichi proved his innocence saddened at the loss of her two friends and carried! Other multiple times claimed that he would n't give up that easily yet they lie, unlike with,... Spotted by other people could cause a new killing game had supposedly ended other hand, despises Kokichi information... A quarrel an elusive and manipulative person who unabashedly tells lies and manipulation, it is implied he does really... Not reveal Shuichi 's development contained a containment cell for one of the have. Being collected, he always seems to surprise Kokichi this ability is not a.! Does things for everyone else rushed to Angie 's student Council to trick Shuichi by telling him about his.. Following Gonta 's execution, Kokichi would join him and the official book. Not finished yet, his remarks which follow indicate that he himself pain. His intelligence, Kokichi tells the others about the majority of the outside world if actually! Pain and suffering on the other talentless fifteen students underwent the fabrication process, where all this.