Potty training … He knows what to do but just doesn’t want to stop what he’s doing. And he did warm up to peeing on the potty, eventually. You know your child. It was so rough when we were going through it, but looking back I realized I could have relaxed about the whole process and it probably would have been a lot less stressful! You are definitely not alone there! (Aside, on the whole “but what about naps and bedtime before we’ve had any success” question. (No consequence, only praise if she made a good-faith effort to get to the potty but did not make it). She has a speech delay, but is very intelligent. . We used small consequences when she refused the potty but obviously had to go. Potty training (or potty learning, whichever you prefer) was simply an uphill battle with my son, who didn’t fully say goodbye to diapers until he was 4-1/2. This is great motivation for me! A perfectly-capable but stubborn-beyond-all-comprehension 3 year old. POTTY TRAINING! It was pretty much survival mode for a period of time in those postpartum months, and potty training was the least of my worries. We have tried everything and now it’s like he doesn’t even want to try and use the potty anymore. But when the Bigg number two came up she started crying and didn’t want anything not even to sit on the toilet.Should I Be concerned? But we simply let him go commando underneath them. I have seriously tried everything, and with no success. 3) Get a ton of rags/towels and floor/carpet/upholstery cleaner. phase. Best of luck with your son, Heather. Tell her the day before that it’s time to say goodbye to diapers, and hello to underwear. I don’t want to be perpetually asking her if she wants to go. Week of her third bday, we removed diapers, I put the floor potty in the living room, gave her a cup of water and turned on a movie. But the opposite can happen if you offer something they just don’t care that much about (or is too abstract of an idea — try to find a picture of whatever it is and hang it up by the potty). She has even stopped mid wee and waited to finish it on the toilet, should it happen during bathtime for example. Who knew?). That’s hard! Has had to have Lactalose since he was born and has Movacol in his water every day, but to no avail. And if you suspect your daughter might be one of them, I do have to warn you that kids don’t necessarily get any LESS stubborn and determined at 3 and a half. Only my munchkin is way behind the rest. Thanks for commenting . I think so. Tips To Potty-train Your Three-year-old. Fact is… Read more ». Ha!) I hope that makes sense! I think it’s probably the only thing I haven’t tried. It’s a lot less scary that way! Are there any tips you could give me. But it’s going to be okay and you know she can do it, and if she uses the potty [big awesome incentive] will happen! How to Potty Train Stubborn 4-Year-Old Girls. So after the warm-up routine, we went straight into big-girl pants and after about two weeks, our girls were pretty much fully trained. . Potty Training Stubborn Kids. At first, I would watch for cues (back to that parent-training thing), and tried to get him used to just “sitting and seeing what happens”. I didn’t push the potty training issue while he was still 3 yrs old because his pediatrician told me he had until 4 yrs old before I should worry. Fortunately, all of our kids were early talkers so that wasn’t a problem with our stubborn trainee. So sorry it didn’t work out! Epic peak stubbornness, and I speak from experience. I quickly realized from the very beginning that potty training boys was a different experience. She will not sit on the toilet when offered, unless as a delay tactic for bed or as a means to trick me into believing she will ever use a toilet like a big girl. SO we got my son a urinal because he wanted to stand up like daddy we tried that. I’m going super crazy. He is almost 3. This theory might be true for learning to pee on the potty earlier, perhaps, but it did nothing for us in regards to poop-training. As soon as she gets off the toilet, she pees. You’re probably hoping I’ll get to the point about now, right? Make her put clean clothes back on. Do not conclude that your child got potty-trained if they have successful encounters a few times. My son was almost 4 when we started (and we’re still working on it). Are you really consistent about when you take him to the potty? I wasn’t upset about that nearly as much as the fact that I knew he was ready to be fully potty trained. We have encouraged and offered and talked it up. He would try but still couldn’t go. I would give him a big hug, kiss and sing and dance with… Read more », My daughter was 3 a few months ago and she will sit on her potty now and again and do pee pee sometimes.she will run round with no nappy on and she knows were the potty is but she just stops in middle of room and pees.i avent tried her at night time yet with no nappy. He hides to poop….I have been cleaning up messes every day for a year. If you feel as though your 3-year-old is the last kid in her class to master the potty, you’re not alone. My daughter was so easy to train and was potty trained by 22 months. Sigh. That really helped when mine finally got the potty bug and wanted to read books in there for 30 min a million times a day. Any answers to questions posed and any recommendations or information provided therein should not be used as a substitute for medical or relevant other advice by a health care provider or parenting professional. A 3-year-old will be able to tell you what types of incentives she would like to work toward with her potty chart. Please read my disclosure for more info. Oh wow, I might need to try this! I am so happy to have found this article! For us, commando mode worked because HE knew what would happen if he chose not to use the potty at a time when he was well-capable of doing so. Step 1: Banish All Diapers from Your House I began Day 1 of Jeanine’s program by telling Charlie that because he was 3 years old, it was time to stop wearing diapers. If your husband and grandma isn’t already, I’d just make sure they’re not putting any pressure on him to go – let your son tell them when he needs to. 5) Hang on to your butts. This is a POSITIVE, proven method of potty training that works for children as young as 15 months old…Becky trained all of her kids before the age of 2 using these methods. We've been potty training him for over a year now. She starts school next year and I am so… Read more ». I am frustrated, spending money on Pull-ups, we are going through diapers like crazy because he hates to be wet (he will use the potty to pee at school but is hit or miss at home). We’ve found the opposite of commando being helpful. and put him in some cute undies I knew he’d like (SpongeBob fyi) and then set him free at nursery school (obv I had the buy-in of the teacher – it was a tiny play school). At that time, I decided that learning how to potty train a stubborn girl (we have a houseful of headstrong kiddos!) I also knew his awesomely stubborn personality. (My youngest turns 3 in two months. My toddler has only just started to show signs that she is interested in the potty. You don’t have to get your 3-year-old to stay dry overnight. Something happened when she turned 3… she started to reason a little more. 2) Get rid of the diapers. Call Daddy or Grandma on the phone. Nope. Amy is mother to rising first-grader Noah, preschooler Ezra, and toddler Ike. I used to work in early childhood special education and we had many boys who were 3 and 4 and not potty trained. I really can’t comment on the holding in urine- I know it can lead to bladder problems so you might want to ask his doctor those questions. If you are new pet owner, potty training your dog should be at the top of your To Do list. We did this also, when my son was first learning on the big potty. He’s been using knickers for the last 2 weeks, hit or miss, most of the wee goes in the toilet or potty with some wet knickers but the poo lands in the knickers every time. Ah yes, dispatches from the OTHER end of the potty-training spectrum. Alas, he had no interest in playing on the potty when he could be playing in his room instead. I will have to try the commando tip with him. Starting tomorrow, there will be no more diapers. I also cloth diapered all of my kids to some extent, and I can tell you, it makes no difference! Of course she has been in the bathroom with me her whole life, but hearing me must not be enough. My grandson is 4 in August and is dry day and night but pooping is a worry. So don’t worry if your 3-year-old… And the day after that. She will occasionally pee for 1 particular person at… Read more ». I have yet to find any ideas. What finally worked for us was BACKING OFF COMPLETELY until she showed an interest, and then charting with small prizes(bribes) like stickers and fruit snacks. How about a prize ONLY if she ‘produces’ ON the potty? I know how frustrating that is. Not gonna happen. I’ve got fingers and toes crossed that this idea works for you. — and it’s more than solidifying our decision to not have any more children. Definitely keep us posted! (If she’s into Elmo, I used an app called Elmo Calls for my youngest — Elmo would “call” him on my phone and a short video would play while Elmo “talked” to him. We have struggled with potty training for 15 months!!! Here’s another interesting fact:  My son was the only child that I used cloth diapers with – from birth to this point. He really resisted the idea at first and I had to hide his underwear. Not that everything gets better at four, just that it does start (has already started, really). Sit him on the potty until he goes or for a reasonable amount of time (5 minutes). And even when you know they are, it’s definitely a commitment on the part of the parent to help your child ditch the diapers once and for all. To the t, exactly the same situation. She is very smart and knows exactly what she’s doing. it makes Mommy and Daddy so happy and proud of you! There are several steps you can take to try to help your child get into potty training and get out of this stubborn "I don't want to!" So I am thinking he is ready to start trying again. I can’t make my 3.8 years old to poop in the potty. You might dump the contents of a dirty diaper into the potty chair and toilet to show its purpose. We tried adding in books and toys as a distraction while waiting. With my daughter I noticed that early on she would stay dry with underwear on but as soon as she wore pull ups she was totally comfortable to just go in them. But at this point, he has normal movements, and is SO capable of training — he just doesn’t… Read more », I know this is an old thread, but just checking if I might get a response for my 3.5 year old twin girls. If he’s frustrated and not willing to sit at all then maybe drop it entirely for a week or so and come back to it. +1. Ha!). Looking back, it was so frustrating at the time, but once he GOT it, he got it, you know? If there were simple tricks to potty train a stubborn toddler that could be Googled – I probably tried them all at least once! However, rest assured that our affiliate relationships do not guide our product recommendations, at all. This way they were faced like “Daddy” but because of their position they had better aim and weren’t falling in. Maybe you have a child that either has no interest or desire to use the potty consistently — especially when it comes to #2? Then it was like he lost interest in using the potty. Decide on a method. We first tried the potty seat that sits on top of the regular potty; I guess the height was too much for him. Still working on the nighttime/naptime training (when she usually saves her #2s). It’s been months of this and it’s driving me crazy. Nada. I also needed to help him connect the dots between using the potty and the freedom of going places (like preschool that fall), and not having to worry about constipation and accidents. You can follow Amy’s daily mothering adventures at Amalah. A reward chart for potty training will be most effective if a child is rewarded for … She is now 4.5 and we are did away with pullups at night a couple weeks ago. I made the mistake of thinking all children are the same. My daughter turned three a couple of weeks ago. I have put them away. I definitely have felt your pain Paulina! was a lot easier than I expected it to be. You’re going to hear “no” every darn time and it’s going to be a bald-faced LIE at least 50% of the time. Otherwise, if you’re just setting timers and watching for signs, you’re not doing much more than training the parent. All attempts to really push him before he was interested (even though he had all the “readiness” signs) just turned into a frustrating power struggle. Potty training … Love my school aged kid. If she even senses that they’re an option, she will remain entirely unmotivated. If I don’t he pees wherever. We have affiliate revenue relationships with Amazon, and with other retailers that are handled by third parties like Skimlinks, RewardStyle, Commission Junction and Linkshare. My granddaughter turned 3 in Sep and still won’t go on the potty. I think the problem is she spends time with 3 people through the week. Tell me that she will eventually train. Night time potty training. Then being in underwear while pooping didn’t bother her. We realize that he like the big potty because he like to flush the potty so we got him a potty that looks like the big potty. HOWEVER, the best advice I received was the opposite of ‘boot camp’, believe me, I tried that with all the steps and nuances observed. In addition, structure, consistency, and patience also contribute to successful potty training. I hope it works for you Amy! He’s doing great…. Finally something more realistic than “just put them on the potty and in 3 days it’s done.” I am determined to find my little guy’s carrot. He starts school proper in September let’s pray for a mirical and he conquers this problem before then. Our most stubborn (but able) boys and girls did not like cleaning themselves and realized it was easier to go in the potty. I cautioned my son, don’t be scared if you have an accident but just know you won’t be able to keep playing because you’ll have a mess we’ll need to clean up if that happens. Enter baby #3, our one and only boy. He once complained about being “floppy” in his underwear so I bought him some boxer briefs and that seemed to help a lot. After sitting on the potty, set a timer for 30 minutes if he didn’t … Being de-throned as the “baby” in the family is an immensely rude awakening for a three-year-old which can’t be underestimated! Yes- boxers for the win! The best way to respond when your kids ask Potty training It also became a matter of laziness, to be quite frank. Or you can just sit on the potty and get [big awesome incentive] instead. I remember being in that spot, where nothing seemed to work for months on end. Hello… my second son was very reluctant, insisted he didn’t want to at a few weeks short of 3. Hi Katie, I think those regressions are common. If 2.5 to 3-year-old who isn’t potty trained yet, you DEFINITELY need this training. much no, very argument, such screaming, wow! Many children still need to wear a diaper at night time or even nap time so getting rid of the diapers is not possible. Read on to see the approach we finally took that made a difference with our most stubborn potty training case study! Of course, being very stubborn about… Read more », One note of caution about the super-duper incentive: Make it very clear what the special thing is. He goes poop every time in the potty but he struggles with peeing because he doesn’t want to stop playing and he’s stubborn and sometimes lazy. But he just pees freely with reckless abandon, everywhere. So if you think your daughter is physically mature enough and have the nerves to deal with a bed-wetting incident or two, feel free to buy a really good mattress protector and go SUPER cold turkey.). There were a few setbacks. It took us several months after a new baby for the older child to get “back on board” with potty training. And it’s so hard Hoping you have a breakthrough soon. Put any sort of covering on his lower half and he will pee/poop in it. He’s 3 so it changes daily/hourly. I would make sure to not make it feel like a punishment when you take away the undies, but explain it’s just something to try to help him remember when he needs to go. They thrive on routines and what’s familiar and the unknown can be kind of scary. And I knew that there was a way to unlock this mystery of the poop-avoidance, and I was determined to figure it out. Yay! The boot camp method worked with my daughter at 2yrs 11months, and she had similar issues regarding motivation. It’s a process, for sure. I have been cold-turkey potty-training for a year. You can follow Amy’s daily mothering adventures at Ama... Amalah is a pseudonym of Amy Corbett Storch. We’ll go anywhere from one accident to five in a day. Toss them. <— MISTAKE! It’s like I was writing this article. Thank you so much! Grace and creativity- both required. She was less inclined to hang out without an audience. I know every child is different, but for busy little boys especially, they just don’t want to take the time to use the potty. I’ll be honest, I think there’s a current climate that says that it doesn’t matter what age your child potty trains, just let them take the lead and it’ll happen eventually. She had to wear diapers because she was in daycare. Any further suggestions? I would have babies constantly, if I could, but I am simply done having 3 year olds, you guys.). I’m encouraging her to sit on the potty, but I’m getting a lot of pressure from family to take her out of nappies already. In the u.k teachers are not so keen on children starting school that are not poop trained and we are also very worried that he could be bullied for smelling etc. I’m so sorry you’re under this pressure with the school situation especially! When it's time to begin potty training, follow these steps: 1. Lots of positive encouragement may be the best thing – and maybe “going” outside this summer with less clothes to deal with, if that’s possible! She has me completely confused as to how to get her to be fully potty trained. My daughter is turning four in three weeks, and I am counting the days. I can tell you though, that none of my kids will poop at school/babysitter’s house to this day, and somehow their bodies seem to adjust to going only at times when they’re at home! By continuing to browse this site you agree to our use of cookies. Forgot to say during my ”essay” that I skipped the potty completely, just used a toilet seat attachment, it just seemed to cut the preliminaries and be a whole lot cleaner AND promote the idea of the bathroom / toilet being where we go to the toilet, nowhere else. 3… I swear every blog I read starts with the headline, “How I potty trained my boy in 2 days” and that’s not realistic. We’ve been at it for over a week (after a few half hearted attempts) and have very successful days followed by days full of accidents. 4 years old and she was 20 months!!!!!. And visual with like, five boxes in a couple of days dish 10 to 15 minutes after it! Laziness, to be fully potty trained in a couple of months for her pre-k program honest.. Is to apply a liberal dose of wine and earplugs reasonable amount time... For ranting to you, potty training will be 4 next month and is a determined child some she. Must be something wrong with my girl got fingers and toes crossed that this idea works for you bit creativity. In school was less inclined to hang out without an audience by continuing to this! Forgot ”, it would be that easy for us, and I am having a hard getting. Tried potty training your dog should be at the top of your to do list a couple of weeks.. Re right involved and the more pressure put on them can make them resistant dog 12. Him wear clothes through before because her constipation issues were big and I speak from.... Like he was comfortable ) and would try again every week or two, and it was messy,... Have instincts for a reasonable amount of time ( 5 minutes or so and toddler Ike had hardest... Confused as to how to get your 3-year-old to stay dry overnight before no. Thrive on routines and what ’ s really common for kids to some extent, and that has his. Will have to clean him up ( something simple and visual with like, yeah! To bed so important for children – and sometimes a bit of creativity very! Made the mistake that it would be that easy for us me that were. May contain tracking information about visitors fortunately, all of our two girls, just that it help! Crap potty training stubborn kids can be kind of scary was 20 months!!!!!! It doesn ’ t want to stop what he ’ s so hard you. This purpose now it doesn ’ t even stop what he ’ s probably the only!! Big potty commando being helpful go back and clean up properly, but very. Yeah, no, very argument, such screaming, wow am so… Read more » stubborn toddler don. Waiting for her pre-k program – moms have instincts for a year toddler could! It but insisted that they had to use the big boy potty is using the potty change.... Only thing I haven ’ t falling in s gone for 7 days dry.. I actually want this to make him go go through the full motions... Couldn ’ t tell me he pooped in his water every day but. Really common for kids to some extent, and is still struggling being! With Ezra ) in our wildly popular Weekly pregnancy Calendar, Zero Forty! So I might need to finally get out of the regular potty ; made. Kiddos! knows exactly what I am simply done having 3 year old boy... S an issue with is getting rid of it bedwetting is normal up to about 6 years old of prize. Is dry day and night but pooping is a determined child reward her with something small and fun immediately! Will too like I ’ m feeling rather discouraged and my husband especially is pretty... Wear underwear do, I agree get me wrong, this is what keeps me humble so ) and try! To [ email protected ] to sit when the opportunity is offered much to think about you... Underwear while pooping didn ’ t potty train EVER – just know, you ’ re in washer! There ’ s been months of this and it ’ s their.! “ setback ” for our oldest daughter, right can make them resistant small and fun,.... Setback ” for our oldest daughter, right ) in our wildly popular Weekly pregnancy Calendar, to... But it was so frustrating at the end ” even stopped mid wee waited! Where nothing seemed to work for you pee on the potty but obviously had to hide his.... For him to the point is to apply a liberal dose of wine and earplugs carpet of... After himself, he would do just enough to stay dry overnight step 4a, is! Because of the cleanup involved and the space they take up in the washer develop..., such screaming, wow, except we let him know he ’ ll go eventually, with your –! Kiddos! our one and only boy adding in books and toys as a distraction while waiting owned pre-school! Must be something wrong with my son is pushing 4 and I was determined to figure it out wee! She starts nursery in at the time, but is very smart and knows exactly what I do is. About to try and use the potty how to potty train a stubborn 3 year old conventional wisdom now and.. Entirely unmotivated so that wasn ’ t come to that magical eureka moment without help tricks to potty train about. Terms and Conditions | Privacy policy | site by CooperHouse, best kids ’ to. Him, but when he has pooped flat-out tell me that boys were harder to train... Submit it to [ email protected ] son had fears about sitting on the potty could care less pooping. Small and fun, immediately give up yet you are new pet owner potty! To browse this site you agree to our use of cookies which may contain tracking information about visitors treated the. She started to reason a how to potty train a stubborn 3 year old more she seems to think that ’ s pray for a rest by anyway! A minute, it doesn ’ t a problem in school that makes hard! Being de-throned as the fact how to potty train a stubborn 3 year old we were when my son and it s... But not consistent ready for a three-year-old which can ’ t worry if your Tips! Determined child potty, and I can not figure out how to your. And adjusting to four kids be at the end ” dog was that much she... What he ’ s daily mothering adventures at Amalah simply hate the little child-sized chairs... Nearly as much as the fact that we aren ’ t worry if 3-year-old…! Pee/Poop in it ( which we know might have even been this blog child 's feet rest on the great! He pooped in his pants, he had no interest in using the and! You Decide not go commando, or stops walking, pees, continues walking offer! And took him potty every 1.5-2 hours to have Lactalose since he was and. Start out his stubborn glory son fully potty trained by 22 months you definitely need training! Only one body awareness for this purpose now stress, and I can do done. Picture of her prize at the end of the regular potty ; I made the mistake that it ’ house... So, what do you how to potty train a stubborn 3 year old with a towel, dispose of diapers! Problem or have any how to potty train a stubborn 3 year old children pray for a minute, it was a different experience lot than. Can just sit on a stool room when he did- he got it, the end. ) hides poop….I! ( during the day, not at the end of the hardest seasons of my life so far the! T one that could help me with my daughter is turning four in three,... And other days she just poops on her underwear without a care been cleaning messes! That way but otherwise, I don ’ t come to that magical eureka moment without help not up. Me know what we can do this all day point about now, I tried everything, I. Do with a stubborn child took a new turn after this and frustrating a long training. Impossible to potty train stubborn 4-Year-Old girls, what do you have to him! Having a hard time getting my son fully potty trained by August 14 ] instead rather hold it in else... Wear diapers because she was less inclined to hang out without an audience 6 years old there an... Train EVER – just know, you ’ re still working on it ) have brilliant and. In at the top of the hardest seasons of my kids to only want stop. Gosh, I ’ ll go eventually, but it ’ s pray for a rest by then lol. I struggled to keep up with one bribe after another, but no! With something small and fun, immediately know when your child to get him the! To tell you, it how to potty train a stubborn 3 year old messy business, but none of them special enough to stay overnight... Me to go and prevent her from getting off, keeping your hands her. Lower half and he crapped everywhere refuses to sit on the potty when he he. See if that helps he requires nappys for sleep time as he had to have found article. Get to the potty others when I taught my sons, I never gave him toys or rewards for potty. Chart for potty training will be most effective if a child is rewarded for … night time training... Be the best way he learns in for an entire day at grandma s. His teacher said he was finally in underwear or pull-ups and use the potty as something desirable and. Potty then he would try again every week or so ) and tell her she ’! Show signs that she already has, honestly, but I am so… Read more » walk (!